I’m a retired VP of Research, Development and Engineering at Altria.  My tenure there took me to many corners of the globe giving me a deep appreciation for the world’s beauty and cultures.

I served as a photographer and photo editor for student publications at Virginia Tech and was elected to Pi Delta Epsilon, the Collegiate Journalism Fraternity.  I also was employed by the Roanoke-Times and World News as their photographer on the Virginia Tech campus and for various other assignments.

As with many of us academic, family and career priorities took their toll on my photography.  Happily, after a 50-year pause, I’m back having a great time with my photography passion.

I’m a member of and exhibitor at the Rappahannock Are League in Kilmarnock, VA and I’m honored to have received several awards for my photography.

If you like my work, I’d love to create custom artwork from any of my images for you.  I can print any size and on most medium including paper, aluminum, canvas, and acrylic.

Call or email for a proposal:


(804) 347-4527

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